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Sneha Premkumar Oral Cancer Fund

In Memory of Sneha Premkumar who passed away on September 7, 2008 from Oral Cancer.

Sneha was an amazing woman – a loving wife, doting mother, wonderful daughter, loving sister and true friend. She always dedicated her life to others. Sneha’s gracious, generous and kind heart brought joy to many peoples lives. She will always be an inspiration to us all.  

Mummy taught us to be patient and to forgive.  
She taught us strength and humility.
She taught us the importance of family and good friends.
She taught us to have faith and to be positive, always.

As a family we are committed to raise awareness around Oral Cancer because we want to help other families that are battling this dreadful disease.
Not many people even know about this cancer. And fewer people realize that a visit to the dentist could save their life.  The incidence of Oral Cancer is particularly high in India.

This fund established in the name of Sneha Premkumar hopes to raise awareness among the communities in the US, India and hopefully all over the world, so that dentists, researchers, survivors and loved ones can fight this battle together.  We have to do this as a global community.   Sneha’s fighting spirit gives our family the inspiration and we hope you support our efforts to fight this disease.

Sneha fought until the last day, with courage and dignity. Not for herself but for us. This link is an account of the last few months and is written to “Salute her Spirit”.
We know she is looking out for us and will always be with us.

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