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Matthew D. Moore - Matt had complaints of a swollen tonsil which his family doctor treated as tonsilitis with various antibiotics for weeks before the tumor caused the tonsil to almost cover the opening at the back of his mouth. We demanded referral to an ENT and he was diagnosed June 2009 with squamous cell carcinoma. First PET scan identified potential metastasis to his lungs and he underwent his first of three lung surgeries in July of '09. The dreaded news was confirmed. The cancer had already spread, it was stage 4, and deemed terminal. The first doctor to tell us that there was no cure was fired on the spot. We weren't going to give up hope. We found a team that would fight with us and were able to battle for three years. Matt endured every chemotherapy option available, radiation to his throat, his hip, and eventually his spine, the loss of lung tissue, and loss of life as we knew it. There were several "if onlys" that came up during this fight. If only screening was more routine, if only more cancer markers were tested for, if only more people supported the cause ...

For Matt it was too late. For someone else, we strive to make a difference.

My husband was born May 20, 1957. He was the youngest of three children. He married and had two children of his own who would grow up to make him very proud. In his life he worked with his hands, fixing, creating, and shaping the world around him. He was quick with a smile, a helping hand, and had a heart of gold. His life ended on March 10, 2012 in our home, surrounded by love.

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