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David Nasto OCF Memorial Fund

Surfing, snowboarding, camping, cycling, water skiing - just a few of the activities David Nasto was passionate about. He lived life to the fullest. If he wasnít in Costa Rica surfing, he was in Italy snowboarding or just water skiing in the lake at his home in Vermont. Davidís zest for life was legendary; we all wished we could live a little like him!

But his life was cut short by a devastating and debilitating disease, tongue cancer. A disease which left him unable to eat or speak, dependent on a feeding tube. A disease that if found early has an 80-90% survival rate.

David did not know the signs and symptoms of oral cancer. A small sore on his tongue went unchecked for months until the pain was so intense, he finally sought medical help. He was diagnosed with stage IV tongue cancer. He fought a courageous battle, never giving up, always hoping for a miracle. It never came. He lost his fight on June 13, 2006. He was 47 years old.

Your donation to the David Nasto Memorial Fund is not only a tribute to him, but you are helping the foundation raise awareness with its early detection programs and research. We need to stop this disease by finding it in its early development. David would be here today if he knew the signs of oral cancer.

David was a kind, loving man. A man who loved life. Davidís family could not help him survive this disease, but we can help others by spreading awareness with the help of the Oral Cancer Foundation. This is now Davidís legacy.

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