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Please add your voice to those encouraging the medical and dental professions to aggressively become involved in its detection at these curable stages. We need you to join with us in the implementation of initiatives in prevention of the disease through education of our youth and those most at risk of developing oral cancer, and to help search for improved methods and technologies to discover, diagnose, and cure oral cancers by funding appropriate research. Through your membership and donations, you will contribute to all these goals. You will become a vital partner and a voice in a chorus for change and healing.

At a time when many cancers are experiencing a reduction in incidence and death rates, oral cancers have increased a shocking 11% in 2007. Every year since then the incidence rate increased. This year we expect between 42,000 and 43,000 Americans to be newly diagnosed with oral cancers. We do not see any near end to this trend, for the next decade or more it will continue to increase to a point where clinicians and researchers will be using the phrase epidemic when discussing oral cancer.

The timing and need for funding could not be more urgent. Please click the link below and make a donation..... today.